100 word challenge= storm trooper on a Lego bike! (Picture not prompt)

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“OMG!!”, shouted Jonathon.

“What?”, said confused Gabrielle.

“Come you have to see this, there is a storm trooper on a Lego bike ridding around, come, come!!!!” screamed Jonathon, who was actually just next to Gabrielle.Gabrielle walked over to actually see a storm trooper on a Lego bike ridding around!

“I thought you were just joking!” answered Gabrielle.


While they were watching the storm trooper ridding around like a head-less chicken……..the storm trooper flipped about twenty times around and around and broke into one million pieces and so did the bike.

“NO!'” cried Jonathon.

“Let’s go home” scared Gabrielle said.





100 word challenge=we seemed to be on television! 29/11/2018


I don’t know what is going on all I know is that I’m with my mum, dad, sister Charlotte, and brother Jonathon. We’re in my mum’s friends house, (I don’t know what her name is) and i was watching t.v and I simply saw myself on t.v messing around with my friend. (I have memory lose, thought you might want to know)


It was time to come home, twenty minutes later…….

There was a knock at the door, there is police, they gave me a note, note said one hundred and fifty dollar fine!!!!

What am I going to do? My mum is going to kill me?!!!???!!! DOON, DOON, DOOOOOOONNN!!!!!


The myths and gods that I read in the “The kingfisher book of Mythology”

Myths and gods!

  • Ra=sun god
  • Geb=earth god-goose headed
  • Nut= sky god
  • Tefnut=mother of Geb and Nut- lion headed
  • Set/Seth=Egyptian god of war
  • Nephthys=ancient Egypt one of five
  • Shu=god of the air
  • Batet=goddess of cats
  • Taweret=goddess of child birth
  • Osiris=Egyptian of the underworld. Judge of the dead! (don,don,don)
  • Anubis=jackel headed-Egyptian god
  • Ptah=ancient Egyptian
  • Ilmater=Finnish goddess
  • Gaia=Goddess of the earth
  • Uranus=god of the sky
  • Nu Wa= goddess who created humans/saved the world
  • Athena=watcher/sees if trouble
  • Olofat=Micronesian- son of the sun god
  • Tarqeq=Moon spirt
  • Ajysyt=Mother goddess
  • Buga=supreme god of the people of Siberia.
  • Jumala=Finnish supreme god.
  • Kul=Arctic water spirit.
  • Pinga=protects living animals.
  • Tulungusaq=creator god.
  • Ukko=a sky god
  • Vianamoinen=an old hero.
  • Asgaga gigage=thunder god of red lighting.
  • Atotaroh=powerful evil man.
  • Awonawilona=creator of the world.
  • Coyote=made up animals.
  • Dzoalits or Dzoarits=kidnapped children.
  • Enumclaw=lightning god.
  • Kapoonis=thunder god.
  • Estsanatleh=goddess of change.
  • Father sky=sky god.

That’s all I got for today, hope you learnt something!(Some of these may not be correct,sorry)

By Sienna Rose Brock McNab!

Chocolate is better than cheese!

Who thinks chocolate is better than cheese?! I don’t! Cheese goes well with food, it’s healthy for you and there are more flavours than chocolate! Cheese is creamy, yummy and healthy. Did you know that chocolate is really bad for you!? My mum and I don’t eat chocolate because it makes us sick but when we eat cheese we feel fantastic!

Cheese tastes certainly good with food. It goes really well with; crackers, on pasta, ricotta gnocchi! My sister makes ricotta gnocchi basically every night and it has lots of cheese in it and I love it so much, I sometimes have 2nd’s and maybe 3rd’s it’s so amazing!

Do you know that cheese is incredibly healthy for you! 90% of Australia likes cheese over chocolate! So why not join them? I have cheese every single day and I feel fantastic after I have it!

I love cheese because there are many different flavours, like; ricotta, feta and parmesan, parmesan is my favourite. I have to keep persuading my mum to get parmesan because I love it so much and whenever I’m at the shopping center, there are like 1 or 2 cheese pieces left because cheese is so popular. If you look you will see that there are millions of chocolate bars left because they’re not popular at all!

That is why I love cheese over chocolate, hope you stay healthy and eat more cheese! Remember to get your cheese quickly before it runs out! By Sienna

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