The 4 comments for homework.

Ruby’s comment for “Why was that hat on the table?”

Nice story Ruby, I realised that in the 2nd sentence you used two ‘were’ but it was very different to all the other ones I have read!

Emily’s V comment. I don’t what title it was.

Great cliffhanger Emily, I liked that you used all those question, because if you didn’t have those questions I would be very confused. But i do think you should use more description of the setting, but otherwise it was almost perfect!😁

Joel’s comment for ‘Why was that hat on the table?’

Hi Joel.
I like the emotion you put in it but i think you need to put more description into it like how big was the safe and I also agree with Deylan about the it went too quick.


Aiden’s comment for ‘Why was that hat on the table?’

Great cliffhanger Aiden, and what did your parents do before you were home? I think to make feel like it was quick. And i do realise it is meant to be a 100wc.

100wc- Whatever has happened?

I raced towards an old domino statue. I took me a while to notice the bald writing saying ‘Done in 1933’. Anyway. I scooted past it to only find……. what I as looking for I rushed in to find cutted fine hair on the ground.

“Sorry, I’m late!” I rushed to the chair sitting in it looking in front of me looking at myself.


I jerked up out of my dream, I remembered I have a hairdresser appointment in like an hour. I got ready and went out. I soon realised……

‘Whatever has happened?’ I thought and thought and thought.

100wc: why was that hat on the table?

I started dragging my self out of the mall with ponderous un need-able things. I slumped into the car that is a jeep. I zoomed back to my home, then realised the front door was open. I looked inside curious and frightened. There was a hat on the table….


I stared at the wall, why was that hat on the table? Well it doesn’t matter now because the burglar is now in jail…….

I am now never going, to leave the front door unlock…… or even go out for long….. or even do anything without leaving the front door open.


100 wc: We are going to another planet far, far away this week!


(These aren’t true facts at least I don’t think so)(Things in brackets aren’t part of the 100 wc)

In the olden days, a school called MPCS, the teachers and principles, did a, one and only, trip to, dead sloths world! But it was only for the year 7’s and 8’s. So in those days, there was at least 12 people in each classes. This is the exact number of the class, 12 people. (I don’t know what there names are) So on the 12th of September 1923, in Australia, Melbourne, Moonee Ponds. Class 7/8A, got told the most amazing news ever. There teacher, Mary said ” Class, we are going to another planet far, far away this week!”

By Sienna McNab! 🤗🤩

100 word challenge-“i was cross that” due 29th of march 2019

Whenever, I get angry it is usually because my mum or dad argue with me and I get sick of it. I always feel tense, stiff and angrily energised. I usually stomp of, to my room and lay on my bed, I sometimes scream in my pillow or meditate. I will say I am always grumpy at home so I get annoyed/angry a lot. I was cross that, I don’t get what I want, but that is only when I am really grumpy. I always get back up, hug the person I argued with and say sorry.

By Sienna

100wc the teddy bear in the middle of the footpath picture re-done

“Come on hunny, we’re going for a walk!”, yelled mum.

“One sec!”, answered Grace the kindergartner.


After a while they went for a stroll around New York, while Grace was holding her minuscule, maroon teddy bear.One the walk they got Ice-cream, without realizing something slipped out of Grace’s hands… was all alone on the path.


When she finally gobbled up her ice-cream, while finally at home, she then moved to try to grab the toy….. Soon later she went on the same path they went on and found her teddy bear in front of the ice-cream place.

Words:96 (not counting the ‘word:96’)

Interesting words used:stroll, minuscule, maroon, slipped and gobbled.

By Sienna McNab!

100 word challenge: picture of a teddy bear stranded on a footpath. 18/2/19

“Come on honey, we are going a walk!”, yelled mum.

“One sec!”, answered Grace the four year old.


Soon later they went for a walk around New York with Grace holding her favourite teddy bear. While they were walking they got Ice-cream, but without realising Grace dropped her teddy bear in the middle of the footpath, all alone.

After she finally finished her Ice-cream and she is at home she soon realised she had lost her most favourite teddy bear in the world! They found the teddy bear in the middle of the path in front of Ice-cream place.


By Sienna McNab


100 word challenge= storm trooper on a Lego bike! (Picture not prompt)

Image result for a picture, prompt for a 100 word challenge

“OMG!!”, shouted Jonathon.

“What?”, said confused Gabrielle.

“Come you have to see this, there is a storm trooper on a Lego bike ridding around, come, come!!!!” screamed Jonathon, who was actually just next to Gabrielle.Gabrielle walked over to actually see a storm trooper on a Lego bike ridding around!

“I thought you were just joking!” answered Gabrielle.


While they were watching the storm trooper ridding around like a head-less chicken……..the storm trooper flipped about twenty times around and around and broke into one million pieces and so did the bike.

“NO!'” cried Jonathon.

“Let’s go home” scared Gabrielle said.





100 word challenge=we seemed to be on television! 29/11/2018


I don’t know what is going on all I know is that I’m with my mum, dad, sister Charlotte, and brother Jonathon. We’re in my mum’s friends house, (I don’t know what her name is) and i was watching t.v and I simply saw myself on t.v messing around with my friend. (I have memory lose, thought you might want to know)


It was time to come home, twenty minutes later…….

There was a knock at the door, there is police, they gave me a note, note said one hundred and fifty dollar fine!!!!

What am I going to do? My mum is going to kill me?!!!???!!! DOON, DOON, DOOOOOOONNN!!!!!


The myths and gods that I read in the “The kingfisher book of Mythology”

Myths and gods!

  • Ra=sun god
  • Geb=earth god-goose headed
  • Nut= sky god
  • Tefnut=mother of Geb and Nut- lion headed
  • Set/Seth=Egyptian god of war
  • Nephthys=ancient Egypt one of five
  • Shu=god of the air
  • Batet=goddess of cats
  • Taweret=goddess of child birth
  • Osiris=Egyptian of the underworld. Judge of the dead! (don,don,don)
  • Anubis=jackel headed-Egyptian god
  • Ptah=ancient Egyptian
  • Ilmater=Finnish goddess
  • Gaia=Goddess of the earth
  • Uranus=god of the sky
  • Nu Wa= goddess who created humans/saved the world
  • Athena=watcher/sees if trouble
  • Olofat=Micronesian- son of the sun god
  • Tarqeq=Moon spirt
  • Ajysyt=Mother goddess
  • Buga=supreme god of the people of Siberia.
  • Jumala=Finnish supreme god.
  • Kul=Arctic water spirit.
  • Pinga=protects living animals.
  • Tulungusaq=creator god.
  • Ukko=a sky god
  • Vianamoinen=an old hero.
  • Asgaga gigage=thunder god of red lighting.
  • Atotaroh=powerful evil man.
  • Awonawilona=creator of the world.
  • Coyote=made up animals.
  • Dzoalits or Dzoarits=kidnapped children.
  • Enumclaw=lightning god.
  • Kapoonis=thunder god.
  • Estsanatleh=goddess of change.
  • Father sky=sky god.

That’s all I got for today, hope you learnt something!(Some of these may not be correct,sorry)

By Sienna Rose Brock McNab!